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We are a non-profit that collects tools, clothing, school & medical supplies and deliver them to those in need in Jamaica.

We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone" We are a non-profit with the mission of collecting and distributing items to the people and schools of Jamaica. Items being clothes, school supplies, tools, medical supplies, household goods, personal hygiene items.





By Ty Schmidt

It was a warm sunny day in Jamaica as Dan and Audrey Schultz strolled through the local market outside their hotel. It was almost 40 years ago, but it is a day Audrey said she remembers well. There was this little village where people sold their (goods)in little huts, said Audrey of Menomonee Falls. I remember being so impressed by what they hand crafted but even more so with the little means they had to do it. The wood carvings really stood out to them, as they watched in awe as women put finishing touches on beautiful projects with nothing more than a shard of glass. We started to buy an barter things, she recalled, but that didn’t last long. Instead, the couple recognized a need in this village for simple things they knew were taken for granted back home. They would ask for things like the shoes off our feet, said Audrey. That’s when we just started giving back and didn’t look back.

 Audrey has returned to that village at least once a year since 1980, with much more on her mind (and in her heart) than vacationing. We just give, she said. It really is that simple. It’s a tradition she has shared with other couples in the area, as well as her husband, who passed away in 2006. After his passing, she didn’t think twice about continuing the tradition, which has evolved into a life-changing campaign of giving for all who are involved. In addition to several suitcases stuffed to the brim, barrels full of everything from coloring books, pencils, paper, to shoes, clothes and tools make the journey to Jamaica every year.

A group of about eight visit’s the hospital with medical supplies, the village with tools, and the schools with needed supplies. Things we take for granted, the pencils, said Chris Brucker, of West Bend. The simple wooden pencils...when a teacher at an elementary school cries and tells you they didn’t have pencils, and we show up with pencils...well it makes you wonder how in the world we take anything like that for granted. He and his wife Wendy started joining Audrey and his parents, Walter and Loraine, on the annual pilgrimage in 2002. they too have continued the tradition even after his parents passed away. It’s never been a question for us, said Brucker, who said collecting items to donate had developed into a yearlong process of collecting donations and buying items. A few years ago, the group began shipping barrels of items rather then trying to pack and pay for extra suitcases on the flight. At a cost of about $200 per barrel, Brucker said the new process allows a lot more bang for their buck.

In the past, the group has purchased stoves for two local schools. They were cooking on a two-burner hot plate to feed 100 kids, said Schultz. Also in the mix is about 70 pounds of candy for the children they visit at local schools. I’m known as the candy lady down there, Schultz joked. No matter how old they are and what they do or do not have, they always want candy.