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We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone" We are a non-profit with the mission of collecting and distributing items to the people and schools of Jamaica. Items being clothes, school supplies, tools, medical supplies, household goods, personal hygiene items.







Lamimating machine

Laminating pouches

Button velcro

5 point scissors




Assorted cardstock paper

Construction paper


Sharpie markers

Washi Tapes

Decorative duct tape

Paper shape punch ) small. medium, large)

Reward stickers

Story books


bulletin board borders

Educational charts( word wall, rules, job charts, alphabet cards etc.)

Plastic canvas

bean bags

storage caddy


children's clothes

colored index cards

assorted post it

high lighters

three ring binders

dry erase markers

pocket charts

daily schedule pocket charts. (12- 1/2×33inches)

calendar chart centers

interactive calendars

.alphabet centers

hundred chart centers

months of the year & days if the week cards

name plates cards

reading pointers

magnetic alphabet and numbers

reward certificates

glitter paper

book bins

letter and number puzzles

dry erase boards

sight word games